J. Talbot Hall is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, artist, husband, and father.  Native to the suburbs of D.C., Hall spent much of his youth hunched over his art table creating comics or wielding the family camcorder, shooting horror movies with his siblings and friends.  After graduating from U.M.B.C. as an award-winning film major, he pursued the art of editing to better hone his skills as a filmmaker. His most recent editing credits include Netflix’s LOST IN SPACE, Amazon’s CARNIVAL ROW, and the feature film, SUN DOGS—Hall’s third collaboration with actor/ director Jennifer Morrison. In addition to his editing achievements, Hall is an accomplished writer and director and is currently developing a feature film alongside crime novelist and producer, George Pelecanos (THE WIRE, THE DEUCE).  No matter the project, Hall is still that kid hunched over the art table, striving to put every ounce of his talents into crafting the best.